September is represented by the dead end sign. Dead end sign people are usually funny and outgoing. They love to laugh and they love to make others laugh. They are always quick with a joke. They do not hesitate to quote a movie or show, regardless of whether the situation calls for it, or if the other person has seen that movie or show. Given their outgoing personality, they tend to have many friends – but also many enemies.


You must exercise caution when around a dead end sign person. A dead end sign person tends to perceive direct eye contact as threatening and may respond with violence. As such, they prefer that you avert your gaze when speaking to them.  A dead end sign person also prefers to be approached slowly and from the side as they can be easily startled. Petting them on the head is a good way to keep them calm and let them know that you are not a threat.  Dead end sign people also hate color red, as it can trigger their primal flight or fight instincts.


The dead end sign person walks much slower then the average person. When clustered with other dead end sign people, they have a tendency to walk even slower than normal and block the pathway of others who are trying to walk ahead of them. A dead end sign person is also likely to stop a crowded hallway or sidewalk  distracted by something.  If a large enough group of dead end sign people are near each other at a crowded event, they can significantly clog foot traffic with their slow walking, irritating others to the point of violence.


Another thing that can be said about dead end sign people is that they tend to be very prepared for any situation. They always have a plan B. However, their plan B usually involves throwing other people under the bus to save themselves. Dead end sign people have a tendency to be snitches.


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