November is represented by the pedestrian crossing sign. The pedestrian crossing sign person is a great conversationalist. They are able help others come out of their shell and make them feel more comfortable. For them, talking feels just as natural as eating apple pie. Whenever someone randomly starts a light hearted conversation whether in the elevator or a funeral you can assume the are a pedestrian crossing sign. Because their ability to talk and connect with others, people often confide in them about their sexual fantasies or racist thoughts which the pedestrian crossing sign sometimes uses as blackmail later on.


Since they are so open to people, they tend to assume that everyone is like them and can get along. For this reason,  they often make people uncomfortable by offering to make plans with them even though they do not know each other well enough yet. For example, a pedestrian crossing sign person is likely to invite a casual acquaintance to their sibling’s wedding, or their niece’s 5th birthday, putting them in an uncomfortable situation since they are expected to bring presents.


The pedestrian crossing sign person is very passionate about their views, and will take a strong stance on every issue. However,  they do not like to go against the grain. While they are quick to state their views, they are also inclined to change their core beliefs to conform with everyone else.  It is only when they already know that everyone around them agrees with their viewpoint, that they will assertively state their beliefs.

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