March is represented by the two-way traffic ahead sign. The two-way traffic sign is known for being easy going. They have a lot of patience and don’t sweat the small stuff. For example, they are not prone to road rage. In fact, they are likely to let people cut ahead of them in traffic, or go before them after approaching a stop sign even if they were first to approach the sign. This can result in extreme confusion and annoyance on the part of other drivers who are forced to needlessly wait only to realize they can go first.


People tend to enjoy being around them because of how easy going they can be. Most two-way traffic sign people are also bisexual but are unlikely to admit it.  Given their easy going nature, they can be indecisive at times. At a restaurant, the two way street sign is likely to take way too long to order from a menu. If the food is brought to them did not come the way it was ordered, they are unlikely to say anything because they ‘don’t want to make a big deal’ out of it. For this reason, if a waiter is a two way sign person, they likely to purposely serve them the wrong order just to mess them.


The two-way traffic sign person has a bad tendency to agree to hang out with too many people even when they know they won’t be able to meet up with all of them. For this reason, they are known to cancel plans last minute while insisting that they are totally down to hang out next time. If a two-way sign person cancels plans on your three times, then they will usually offer to grant you one wish which is guaranteed to come true (but it can’t be for more wishes).


Given their calm personality, the two-way traffic sign person tends to avoid conflict and confrontation.  If they see an old lady being mugged, or a child being bullied, you can depend on them  to walk by and not interfere.


Two way street sign people have highly advanced sense of smell. There sense of smell is so advanced, that before the discovery of dogs, two-way traffic sign people were used at airports to sniff out drugs and bombs. Sometimes a two way street sign person will use their advanced sense of smell to smell avoid danger – but most of the time they use it to get high sniffing glue.

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