June is represented by the one way sign. The one way sign is a social butterfly. They enjoy the company of others. For them, the more the merrier, even in the bedroom. They are quick when it comes to making friends. You’ll often find them hanging out at social events meeting new people. Because of how open they are, a one way sign person will want to make sure to get periodic STD testing.


One way sign person  is outspoken, but still lets others walk all over them.  Their lack of confidence, mixed with their need to please others, makes them an easy target for others who want to take advantage of them. Often times they will join multi level marketing schemes or cult. A one way sign person can have tendency to  create awkward situations by mixing different friend groups who probably shouldn’t mix together, such as their work friends with clergy from their satanic cult.


The one way sign person can sometimes be impatient with others. They get easily annoyed by groups of people slowly walking in front of them which can send them to into a blind rage. For this reason, they benefit from relaxing techniques such as meditation and alcoholism.


The one way sign person doesn’t often feel shame, which leads them in engaging in certain behaviors that other people would feel uncomfortable doing themselves. For example, the one way sign has no problem talking on the phone while using a bathroom stall in public. Their inability to feel shame also empowers them to take selfies at the gym and post on Instagram, regardless of how many people are around them.

One way sign people do not cover their mouths when they cough. For this reason, they are known to get people around them sick.

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