July is represented by the no-u turn sign. No u-turn sign people tend to be dependable individuals. They are the kind of people that you rely on when your car breaks down, or if you committed a major felony and are on the run from authorities. Whatever your issue, they will likely have your back.


However, don’t be surprised when they get into a pickle of their own. No u-turn sign people are prone to being volatile and aggressive. They are quick to get into fights with people over parking spaces and being cut in line at a taco restaurant. They also tend to carry a weapon with them at all times but are exceptionally uncoordinated, making them especially dangerous.


A no u-turn sign person has an instinct for teaching. To them, teaching is  a passion. They like it almost as much as getting into unnecessary physical altercations with people. If they decide to teach you something, that is a sign that they like you lot and are less likely to be violent. Regardless of gender, the no u-turn sign prefers peeing sitting down.


No u-turn people like to brag about themselves but are conscious that it may make others dislike them. As such, they avoid directly bragging and use covert bragging methods such as humble bragging. Or alternatively, they will tell you a story purely for the purpose of mentioning in the story how someone complimented them about something.


You can trust a no u-turn sign person to stick to their word. They also do not easily change their opinion. Their stubbornness in their beliefs can be a positive, but it can also  put them in difficult predicaments with the law enforcement.  Due in part to their stubbornness, a no u-turn tends to have a bad sense of fashion. If they where something that looks bad on them, they are likely to simply commit to look, rather than change what they are wearing. Many of them end up becoming avid fedora collectors.

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