January is represented by the yield sign. The yield sign person has a yearning for the finer things in life. Ordinary does not describe their tastes. They enjoy going to fancy restaurants and eating good food, no matter what the cost (but they will leave a bad tip). They are much more likely than the average person to buy bottled water and overpay for it.


While the yield sign person has lavish tastes, they can sometimes struggle to support their expensive lifestyles. For this reason, many of them turn to crime in order to make their lifestyle more sustainable. For example, they will shoplift or take money from tip jars when presented with the opportunity. However, not all yield sign people are like this. Some are very good at photoshop, and instead will resort to photoshopping themselves with luxury items or in fancy places and putting those images on social media in order to create a false impression of their lifestyle.


In a relationship, the yield sign person has a tendency to take things slow. They don’t like jumping from relationship to relationship. As such, they may seem a bit guarded during the first date. However, if you treat them right and give them some time to open up, they will tell you they love you way too early in the relationship and make things awkward and uncomfortable. For this reason, the yield sign can sometimes be perceived as clingy.


In their personal lives, the yield sign person tends to avoid conflict when possible – instead resorting to passive aggressiveness.  In an effort to avoid confrontation and give way to others, the yield sign people frequently harbor pent up aggression. This aggression is often released either through their hobbies, jogging or intense BDSM sex.

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