February is represented by the stop sign. The stop sign person is a natural leader. When a stop person crosses a crosswalk, others follow no matter what traffic is in front of them. For this reason, the stop person carries a lot of responsibility in leading others.


The stop sign person is very relaxed and almost never loses their cool. Given their relaxed nature, the stop sign person tends to have a calming effect on people around them. The stop sign person has the ability to put people to sleep simply by speaking to them for an extended period of time. Both the tone and the sound their voice has an ambien like affect on people. In fact, a stop sign person can even sedate a rampaging rhinoceros simply by speaking to it about the stop sign person’s day.


Stop sign people are known for their high levels of discipline and creativity. They often express themselves through their creative pursuits. Many of them end up as famous musicians, artists, and web designers. Creative geniuses such as Beethoven, Mozart, Michelangelo, and even the creator of ShitYouCanAfford.com all were and are stop sign people. Remarkably, despite their creative prowess, stop sign people tend to be incredibly humble.


For the stop sign person, pizza is a vital part of their life. They can survive longer without food or water than they can without pizza. There is almost nothing they need more in their lives than pizza. For this reason, they are great tippers of pizza delivery guys but have also been known to assault them if they are late with their delivery – one of the few instances when a stop sign person loses their cool. 


The stop sign person is an are expert nickname giver. The nicknames they provide are unrivaled. That being said, it can take them a long time to come up with nickname, but the longer it takes the better the nickname ends up being. Given their amazing nicknaming abilities, many of them go on to work as professional nicknamers for the government.


At people’s birthday parties, while singing happy birthday, a stop sign person is likely to say “cha cha cha” between each line of the happy birthday song. For this reason, the stop person often times finds themselves facing threats of physical violence and aggression much more frequently than the average person. Fortunately, stop sign people have a natural ability to recover from blunt force injuries 75% faster than the average person.


Given their charm, looks, humor, wit, etc., a stop sign person is compatible with every other sign. However, a traffic sign pairs best with a speed limit 25 sign person.  Many of the world’s famous criminal duos tend to be comprised of the stop sign person and speed limit 25  person. If a stop sign person meets a speed limit 25 sign person, the two are likely to end up forming a long lasting meaningfully relationship – either romantically or criminally.

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