December is represented by the do not cross sign. The do not cross sign person is a natural born follower. They have a tendency to blindly obey others no matter what the circumstance. While waiting at a crosswalk, even if the light allows them to start crossing, they are likely to wait for others to go first before they start crossing.


The do no cross sign has an eye for fashion and always dresses well. When they walk into a room they are able to capture everyone’s attention just by their sense of style alone. Not surprisingly, the do not cross sign gives excellent but brutally honest advice to others looking to improve their style. Oftentimes, this leads to severe confidence issues in criticized persons, requiring them years of therapy.


Moreover, the do not cross sign person enjoys eating bananas and carrots, but always eats them in a sexually suggestive manner. In fact, they eat all foods in a sexually suggestive manner, no matter the food or occasion. For this reason, when eating out with others, they have a tendency to make people feel very either very uncomfortable or turned on (sometimes both).


The do not cross sign person tends to be inconsiderate of the environment, and will litter given the opportunity (provided that no one is looking). They avoid recycling at all costs. Despite their dislike for the environment, they very much enjoy the company of their pets. So much so, that no matter who they are speaking with, or the topic of conversation, they will find a way to talk about their pets. The do not cross sign person is not adept at reading social cues and will engage in prolonged conversation with people (often in doctors’ offices as the other person is writhing in pain), and almost always¬† have a tendency to take out their phone and show you cute pictures of their nephews/nieces, grandchildren, themselves when they were babies until the other person makes a hasty exit even if they were there for a life saving event.


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