August is represented by the kangaroo crossing sign. Kangaroo crossing signs tend to be very disciplined individuals. If they have a task to do, they are able to stay focused for an extended period of time on the task at hand. They do not get easily distracted.


They tend to be somewhat introverted. Still, if they are in the right mood, they can have a good time. They must be careful though, because sometimes they go out of control when they let loose which can cause embarrassment to themselves or others. They are highly prone to displays of public nudity. As such, you may want to think twice before inviting them to social events or to meet your parents.


Additionally, 90% of kangaroo crossing sign people also happen to be Australian. For this reason, many of them also happen to be expert boomerang throwers and have a problem with alcoholism.


Given their introverted nature, a kangaroo crossing sign person is likely to go through great efforts to try to avoid an acquaintance in public. They will even resort to self-harm, such as throwing themselves into a speeding car, just so they are not in the vicinity to speak with the acquaintance.


If they are put in a situation where they have interact with someone they haven’t seen in a long time they will eagerly exchange numbers and convey excitement about hanging out even though they know they will never follow through. If you make plans with a kangaroo crossing sign person, do not be surprised if they back out of plans last minute with an excuse.


Kangaroo crossing people tend to struggle with giving handshakes. They often not sure when to go in for a handshake, or they will grab your wrist by accident. If they do succeed at giving a handshake, they are unsure of how hard to grip the other persons hand and will either give a limp hand shake or squeeze too hard. For this reason, they tend to avoid situations where they will have to give someone a handshake. They are also easily started by loud noises and bright lights which is why they prefer to stay away from loud bars or clubs.

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