April is represented by the speed limit 25. Speed limit 25 sign people are positive people who are easy to get along with. They are also very authentic and always keep it real. So much so, that they may resort to physical violence to address a perceived slight.


They have a unique affinity for dancing. They are able to dance to almost any genre of music at any time. In fact, they do not even need music to dance, they can dance to the sound of nature.  When it comes to dancing their creativity is unsurpassed. For this reason, you do not want to challenge a speed limit 25 sign to a dance off because they will embarrass you. They also use dancing to communicate and convey emotions. For this reason, you want to think carefully before bringing them to a funeral since they use dance to express sadness.


Speed limit 25 signs are also natural teachers. They love to share knowledge about what they know with others and tend to be good at it. People generally love learning from them.  Sometimes speed limit 25 person can even be prone to oversharing details, especially during a first date (but this only because they keep it real).


At times, a speed limit 25 sign person may seem a little bit crazy or eccentric. This is because on average, the speed limit 25 person happens to have at least 7 different personalities. This can make them hard to get to know to first, but once you get familiar with each their personalities, its possible to develop a real connection with a speed limit 25 person.


Be wary, a speed limit 25 people are prone to bouts of fiery rage in certain circumstances, such as when they are stuck in traffic or waiting in a slow grocery line. However, if you are able to rub the back of their lower head or neck, this will sedative effect on them, putting them in into a relaxed state. Additionally, speed limit 25 sign person’s favorite thing is city lights reflecting on water. No matter how stressed or enraged they are, the sight of city lights reflecting on water pacifies them.


The speed limit 25 sign person tends to have above average intelligence but below average memory. They constantly forget many things, such as setting alarms or how to brush their teeth. They can even forget being in love with someone, which can make maintaining a relationship difficult.


Romantically, a speed limit 25 sign should seek out a stop sign person. Despite what other beliefs systems may suggest, speed limit 25 sign person and s stop sign person are an ideal match for each other, as they balance each other well. Together, the pair make exceptional romantic partners and potential bank robbery accomplices.

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