What Does Your Traffic Sign Say About You?

Everyone has a sign - a traffic sign. The traffic sign associated with a person's birth can reveal a lot of information about the type of person that they are. To really know yourself, read up on what your traffic sign says about you.


January is represented by the yield sign. The yield sign person has a yearning for the finer things in life. Ordinary does not describe their tastes. They enjoy going to fancy restaurants and eating good food, no matter what the cost (but they will leave a bad tip). They are much more likely than the […]


February is represented by the stop sign. The stop sign person is a natural leader. When a stop person crosses a crosswalk, others follow no matter what traffic is in front of them. For this reason, the stop person carries a lot of responsibility in leading others.


The stop sign person is very relaxed […]


March is represented by the two-way traffic ahead sign. The two-way traffic sign is known for being easy going. They have a lot of patience and don’t sweat the small stuff. For example, they are not prone to road rage. In fact, they are likely to let people cut ahead of them in traffic, or […]


April is represented by the speed limit 25. Speed limit 25 sign people are positive people who are easy to get along with. They are also very authentic and always keep it real. So much so, that they may resort to physical violence to address a perceived slight.


They have a unique affinity for […]



May is represented by the do not enter sign. Do not  enter sign people are very decisive and know what they want. They know how to set boundaries and do not allow others to violate those boundaries (at least not until the third date). Their strong will means that they can sometimes clash with other […]


June is represented by the one way sign. The one way sign is a social butterfly. They enjoy the company of others. For them, the more the merrier, even in the bedroom. They are quick when it comes to making friends. You’ll often find them hanging out at social events meeting new people. Because of […]


November is represented by the pedestrian crossing sign. The pedestrian crossing sign person is a great conversationalist. They are able help others come out of their shell and make them feel more comfortable. For them, talking feels just as natural as eating apple pie. Whenever someone randomly starts a light hearted conversation whether in the […]


July is represented by the no-u turn sign. No u-turn sign people tend to be dependable individuals. They are the kind of people that you rely on when your car breaks down, or if you committed a major felony and are on the run from authorities. Whatever your issue, they will likely have your back.



August is represented by the kangaroo crossing sign. Kangaroo crossing signs tend to be very disciplined individuals. If they have a task to do, they are able to stay focused for an extended period of time on the task at hand. They do not get easily distracted.


They tend to be somewhat introverted. Still, […]


September is represented by the dead end sign. Dead end sign people are usually funny and outgoing. They love to laugh and they love to make others laugh. They are always quick with a joke. They do not hesitate to quote a movie or show, regardless of whether the situation calls for it, or if […]


October is represented by the slippery roads ahead sign. If you want to commit a crime, a slippery road ahead sign person is who you would want as as an accomplice. They tend to be reliable partners in crime because they are used to getting in trouble and acting out. They are not afraid to […]


December is represented by the do not cross sign. The do not cross sign person is a natural born follower. They have a tendency to blindly obey others no matter what the circumstance. While waiting at a crosswalk, even if the light allows them to start crossing, they are likely to wait for others to […]